Developing Your HR Team

Who is responsible for The People Plan in your business?

Do you have some talent that needs nurturing and developing into a great HR partner?

One of our many passions is to help talented people grow and flourish. We can coach and mentor HR staff who are already part of your team, helping them deal with a myriad of issues which may be new to them but not to us! We can also advise you in deciding what’s needed for the future and support you in hiring the best people for your business.

If you don’t have dedicated HR resource today, we can support you with your operational HR needs. Our provision could include advising on individual issues, mediation and matters of policy and process. We will work with your managers to help develop their skill and confidence in dealing with people related issues.

Our aim is always to ‘nip things in the bud’ and avoid litigation and reputational damage to your business. Prevention is always better than cure!

Our approach, as always is based on pragmatism and commerciality, as well as making sure you comply with employee legislation.

In a nut shell we can support you with your day to day HR needs until you are ready to hire your own resource. Once they are up to speed, we are happy to make ourselves dispensable.

Let us help… We’d love to chat to you about your people challenges and how we may be able to help.

Email us or call on 07802 281 385 or 07710 587 279